Jody Moore

VP Mortgage Compliance

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Commitment to Quality and Consumer Protection

Jody Moore, Vice President Mortgage Compliance for BNC National Bank Mortgage Division. I started in the mortgage business in 1995 as an Originator then gaining success, to eventually setting up a Mortgage Secondary Division for a local bank, which included all aspects of mortgage lending from origination, processing, underwriting, and closing to selling on the secondary market. I shifted my career focus to Mortgage Compliance in 2008, which went into hyper-drive after the passing of the Dodd- Frank Bill in 2010. A landmark piece of legislation addressing Wall Street reform and Consumer Protection. A direct response to the housing crash of 2008. Commitment to Consumer protection continue and will always be my career passion. My personal passions includes spending time with family and friends enjoying food, conversation and laughter. My husband Nathan and I have raised four beautiful children that we love dearly and could not be more proud of each one. Our family continues to grow with every passing year by adding the most wonderful people to our life journey. We are both from Liberty Mo and attended UCM. We stay close to our rural roots by living on a little acreage, which allows for a few more of my passions which include gardening, star gazing, fire flies and romping around with my crazy German shepherd dog, Boomer.

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