DJ Wickstrom

Senior Mortgage Lender

NMLS#: 700756
(913) 275-6604

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Passionate about taking the anxiety out of mortgage

I’m a bit of a fixer. Of just about anything. Computers, cars, houses, appliances. You name it, I’ve given it a shot. I take a lot of satisfaction in making something useful again. Straight down to running a group online dedicated to giving a safe place for folks to ask questions and talk about repairs they’ve done.

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Here are some recent reviews from customers of mine.

DJ was great to work with and was fast respond to question. Highly recommend.

Theodore R.
September 03, 2022

Diligence and good communication

Matthew R.
September 01, 2022

DJ was amazing at keeping me in the loop when working on the loan. He always explained the reasoning before every step throughout the process. I feel like I can become a loan officer myself after learning from DJ.

Zhuohong C.
August 29, 2022

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